The second floor of the Serbian pavilion is “exhibition of exhibitions” floor and will be divided into two parts – Serbia Creates Inspiration and Serbia Creates Experience.

Serbia Creates Inspiration zone includes a permanent exhibition that connecting the ideas of ancient Vinča to the dynamic society and economy of modern Serbia, and remains in place throughout the six month event.

In the zone Serbia Creates Experiences, visitors have the opportunity to visit exhibitions of Serbian art, science, history, and museums through virtual reality (VR). Through virtual reality and the creation of digital avatars, visitors are able to experience an explosion of innovation and creativity of the Neolithic Vinča culture and explore revolutionary ideas from Serbia that will encourage the next phase of human development. A prominent part of this exhibition is the presentation of Vinča culture, Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Milutin Milanković, the National Museum of Serbia, Serbian technology, and tourist potentials of Serbia.

Most of the content is digital, and therefore multifunctional, and intended not only for the World's Fair in Dubai but also for various types of presentations and exchange of messages around the world.