Business program

By participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, the Republic of Serbia wants to present and promote the Serbian business community on the international scene and open new business opportunities, as well as possibilities for the development of new business partnerships with domestic businesspersons and companies. The Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Development Agency of Serbia and the Operational team for the World Exhibition are in charge of the realization of the business program, and the business strategy involves B2B meetings, presentations and investment conferences, as well as participation in official Expo business forums and Serbian international business forum.

During the Expo 2020 Dubai, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce is in charge of business networking of Serbian business persons with potential partners from the world and the UAE. For that purpose, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce has rented space in the Dubai South Free Zone, which is available to businesspersons during their stay in Dubai, as well as to those businessmen who intend to start doing business in this Emirate. The space is equipped with all the necessary elements of infrastructure (exhibition space, smart tables, office space) that business people are able to use to present their products/services, as well as for meetings with their potential partners.

Key sectors

The following are the most attractive investment sectors in Serbia:

High technologies, knowledge economy and ICT

Automotive industry

Agriculture, food and drink

Infrastructure and building industry

Health and wellness

Chemical industry

Machinery and equipment

Serbia has come a long way in the process of economic transformation so that future growth will be based on new technologies, digitalization, innovation, creativity and knowledge. In that sense, the information and communication technology industry is strategically important because, among other things, it has already become the largest net export activity and the fastest growing branch of industry in the country. Investors in this branch of industry are companies engaged in research and development, software development and other IT services such as Shared services, Business process outsourcing, IT consulting, etc. Very good results in this sector have been achieved thanks to the domestic ICT sector which has shown outstanding quality as a result of which some of the domestic companies have been acquired by the world's largest ICT companies, as well as thanks to direct investments of foreign companies, world leaders in their fields. Total acquisitions in Serbia's ICT sector with the participation of some of the world's largest companies such as Take-Two Interactive, Epic Games, Nutanix, GoDaddy, etc., are worth over $ 878 million. Microsoft, NCR, Levi9, Endava, ZF, Continental, Schneider Electric, Asecco, Clarivate and BlackRock are just some of the renowned names from the high technology sector present in Serbia with their ICT, research, development and other centers.

Another strategically important branch is composed of the so-called BIO4 areas: biomedicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics and biodiversity, which are still developing but already having the potential to surpass today's digital revolution in their impact on the economy, health, ecology and other areas of life. Serbia will start a large cycle of investments and expects great developments in this area in the coming years.

The third area, which permeates the previous two, is artificial intelligence, and Serbia directs its development in a strategic way, following the already adopted development strategy, a key part of which is the establishment of a modern Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The state's assistance to the knowledge economy is reflected in several key aspects: education, infrastructure and the improvement of the tax and legal environment. The education for the digital age has introduced teaching programming in primary schools and special programs in secondary schools and colleges, which will ensure that, with their knowledge and skills, the aspiring generations are ready to join even the most advanced companies.

Infrastructure is being developed through the construction of new educational and scientific capacities, but also through the formation of four science and technology parks and a large number of startup centers throughout Serbia, as well as the establishment of a modern data center with AI platform and national supercomputer, while constant efforts are made towards perfecting the internet infrastructure.

Centre of Serbia in South Dubai

In addition to the activities at the Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia, the business strategy will also include business centres for Serbian companies that are considering expanding to the markets of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in the business district of South Dubai.

This free zone, on

of space, with a port, airport, residential, and office facilities, provides opportunities for starting and developing various types of business, without limiting the activities of companies.

The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, responsible for the implementation of events within the Serbia Hub, will use its space for:

Presentation of Serbian companies from different industries

Presentation of specific products and services of our companies through showrooms

As well as for networking and conversations with potential partners.

• Companies within the business hub can

do business with other companies and start doing business in the UAE on preferential terms, with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

If you are interested in participating in the business program at the Dubai EXPO 2020 World Exhibition, please contact us via the contact form or directly at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Development Agency.