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Serbia creates ideas

SERBIA CREATES IDEAS - Inspired by the Past, Shaping the Future
Serbia’s uniting and overarching story at Dubai World Expo is Vinča culture(Vin-cha). Neolithic Vinča was a culture from 7.300 years ago centred on the territory of modern Serbia but stretching far across the Balkan region. Vinča marked the first time that humanity gathered together in cities, an action that sparked unprecedented explosion of social, technical and economic innovation - an explosion of creativity, trade and peaceful coexistence - that changed the direction of all of humanity.

Vinča offered the world the first smelting, metallurgy and metals, some of the earliest ceramics, the earliest proto-script, the first double-story construction, the first factories for standardized production of goods, as well as exceptional art, weaving, leather processing, clothes and jewelry manufacture. Vinča culture spread over hundreds of kilometers along the Danube River with its trade networks travelling even further. To date there is no physical record of war or of social inequality in any Vinča settlement. It is also possible that Vinča was initially founded because of ecological / environmental issues.

Vinča therefore offers Serbia a number of compelling arguments on the global stage:

  • A melting pot of ideas and innovation, Vinča was the World Expo of the Neolithic World - albeit lasting a thousand years.
  • Modern Serbia is the natural successor to the artistry, technology, innovation, trade and peaceful coexistence of Vinča.
  • As Vinča sparked many of the world’s most ground-breaking ideas, so the Serbia Pavilion – its design reminiscent of the pitched roof of a Neolithic Vinča dwelling – showcases humanity’s future, with Digitisation, AI and Virtual Reality at its heart.

Visual identity

Through Vinča, Serbia can offer stimulating context to the futuristic discussions of expo – essentially reminding us that Vinča was the first step on humanity’s road to the present and the future, in ways that changed us entirely. Using Vinča as the foundation of all our messaging, we can further capitalize on the artistry and creative genius with modern interpretations of Vinča motifs, runic texts, sculpture and design across the modernist and high tech pavilion.

Vinča’s artistry further allows us to create dynamic and memorable visual references throughout Serbia’s communication. Items from and inspired by Vinča will be represented at our pavilion shop. An interactive exhibition on the second floor will make the connection between ancient Vinča and the economy and society of modern Serbia, and even our schools’ programme will introduce visiting students from across the UAE to experience the ideas and inventions of Vinča in thrilling virtual reality.