17th October 2021


“SUPERNOVA CHALLENGE” AT GITEX in the race for the $ 200,000 prize

Sunday, October 17, 2021. Great news on the opening day of Gitex, the largest technological event in the world, which has started today in Dubai! As many as three startups from Serbia - "Joberty Technologies", "Kredium" and "Deap Blue Sea" - qualified for the semifinals of the "Supernova Challenge" competition at Gitex Future Stars 2021 and are still in the race for the prize of $ 200,000.

For the first time, the Government of the Republic of Serbia presents selected startups from our country at "GITEX Future Stars 2021" - the largest event dedicated to the development of startups in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, which is held as part of the GITEX conference.

“Bearing in mind that the world's largest IT companies, investment funds and investors traditionally confirm their participation in this global event, as well as that the organizers are announcing a gathering of more than 750 startups from 75 countries to present 400 VC funds and investors from more than 30 countries, we consider the appearance of Serbian companies at GITEX and GITEX FUTURE STARS as an investment in the development of the domestic startup scene and we are very proud of the result achieved at the very beginning of the competition", says Ana Ilić, senior Advisor to the Prime Minister and Deputy Commissioner General of Serbia for Expo Dubai 2020.

In addition to the startups that entered the semifinals, Serbia is represented at GITEX Future Stars by: "White Lemur", "Stock Studio" and "VizLore Digital Asset Management", all of them coming from the fields of social networks, FinTech, artificial intelligence, environmental protection and enterprise software.

Serbia presents itself at GITEX under the brand "Serbia creates tech", and the participation has been confirmed by 11 selected companies and institutions: State Data Center, BioSense Institute, Institute for Artificial Intelligence and eight IT companies (ZESIUM MOBILE, SAGA, CodeIT, DEVTECH, BRAINEERING IT SOLUTIONS, QUANTOX, TELEGROUP, EGZAKTA ADVISORY).

“This is the first time that Serbia participates in a strategic and organized way in such a major technological event, simultaneously and in coordination with its appearance at EXPO 2020 Dubai. GITEX brings together global leaders from the high-tech industry, startups and innovators who are changing the world and therefore this event represents a great opportunity for Serbia to show its innovations in the field of digital technology and introduce its own experts who stand side by side with experts from the most developed countries. Serbia will conquer the Middle East with its technology”, Ilić points out.

With our comprehensive presentation at Gitex, we will show why we are called "Silicon Valley of the Balkans", how we have become leaders in the field of blockchain technology and a center of highly educated talent, but also why it is important that we have a special Strategy for development of artificial intelligence as one of the very few countries in Europe and the world.

“We will present Serbia to the world as a country of creativity, innovation and engineering excellence, where global companies are opening their development centers, and local companies are creating globally successful solutions. We will present a country where artificial intelligence is studied in primary school, and where the eight-graders are already trained in programming. A country that has the largest and most modern data center in this part of the world and where the digitalization of administration has become a national pride. At the same time, we will make available to our innovative companies and startups all our contacts from the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, global companies and investors, and thus invest in their success," said Marta Arsovska Tomovska, Director in the Prime Minister's Office, and one of our five panellists at global conferences held as part of GITEX.

In addition to Tomovska, Mihailo Jovanović, director of the Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment, Nenad Paunović, director of the IT and Entrepreneurship Team in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, as well as Ivan Bjelajac and Vladimir Crnojević directors of our companies in the field of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence will also participate in specialized conferences on topics: smart cities, innovation ecosystem and incentives, artificial intelligence in agriculture and blockchain, where they will exchange opinions and experiences in the field of highly developed technologies and achievements with colleagues from other countries.

Support for Serbia's participation in GITEX is provided by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Serbian Development Agency, which will present the advantages and opportunities for investing in our country on a daily basis.

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