17th February 2022


Every child is a champion

On Thursday, February 17, at the Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia within the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai, all visitors can expect a diverse program during which the Novak Đokovic Foundation will present and share with the audience numerous innovative ideas regarding early childhood development, education, parental incentives and entrepreneurial development which the Foundation has been dedicated to for 15 years.

The Foundation will present its programs "Support, NOT Perfection" and "Path of a Champion" and hold a workshop for parents where they will exchange impressions, knowledge, advice, experiences and global challenges of parenting today.

As parents and responsible guardians who play a key role in forming a child's personality face many challenges on a daily basis, the "Support, NOT Perfection" program gathers parents through interactive workshops and provides them with a space where they can share their experiences, dilemmas and get new guidelines and recommendations.

The program "Path of a Champion" was created with the aim of empowering and educating the parents of future athletes. The motto of this program is that every child is a champion, regardless of what they will do later in life, as well as that sport should primarily be a game and a healthy way of growing up.

In anticipation of the gathering at Expo 2020, Jelena Đoković, co-founder and global director of the Novak Đoković Foundation said:

"We are happy and proud to be invited to present not only our work, but also the country of Serbia in a dignified way through the presentation of our Foundation." The mission of the Novak Đoković Foundation is to change the world for the better by investing in early development and to provide every child with equal chances for a better future.

This is the year of the great jubilees of the Novak Đoković Foundation: 15 years since its founding, 10 years since we marked early development as the main goal of our mission, and we are approaching the figure of 50 open kindergartens, i.e., 50,000 children whom we helped through our programs and projects.

The community of people who share our values is growing every year, which is a great motivation for us to continue and persevere in our efforts to ensure that every child in Serbia has access to quality preschool education by 2030."

Maja Kremić, National Director of the Novak Đoković Foundation, pointed out:

“Although we have faced a new reality in the last few years, we have continued to help the youngest and have acquired several important partnerships, including the Inclusive Preschool Education Project in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and the World Bank.

As part of this project, we will adapt, equip and reconstruct 120 study rooms throughout Serbia by the end of this year, which will enable 3,000 children to attend kindergarten for the first time. We have also continued to open kindergartens and implement our recognizable support programs for parents, such as "Support, NOT Perfection" and "Path of a Champion", which we will present to the audience in Dubai as well”, Kremić added.

The World Expo 2020 Dubai, the first to be held in the Arab world, runs from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, and is attended by more than 190 countries from around the world. Serbia is appearing at the World Exhibition under the modern brand of the national platform of Serbia, and the theme of our appearance is - "Serbia creates ideas: Inspired by the pasts, shaping the future."

The number of guests/participants is limited.

We kindly ask all interested media to announce their presence in advance at: branka.conic@exposerbia.rs