Gitex Future Stars, 10X Stage (Hall 6)


17th October 2021   |   2 p.m. (duration 30 minutes)

Ecosystem Corner: Engineering a world - class environment for innovation and high - growth firms

90% of all tech startups fail. If you are an aspiring tech startup founder, or tech entrepreneur, the odds are against you in succeeding. However, to increase your odds of success, you must look for a leading tech startup ecosystem. With startup ecosystems being built across cities across the world, each are experiencing varying levels of success. This session will look to define what makes an effective world-class environment for tech startups and how certain tech hubs around the world are producing industry-leading tech startups and scale-ups at alarming speed.


Kayla Isabelle, CEO Startup Canada

Nadimeh Mehra, Vice President, District 2020 – Transition Unit

Nenad Paunović, Director, Delivery Unit - Team for IT and Entrepreneurship Office of the Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Serbia

Gunilla Nordlof, Director General, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth


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