Serbian Pavilion


13th November 2021   |   7 p.m. (duration 2 hours)

Concert “Tashana”

Duo “Tashana" consists of artists Ana Krstajić and Jana Rančić, and their music is based on improvisation inspired by folk songs from the Balkans, but also from other parts of the world. In addition to folk songs, the duet creates original songs as well, which are also the fruit of improvisation and a combination of different musical genres.

The idea was created for the purpose of deeper research and preservation of Balkan, and, primarily, of Serbian traditions.

"It is very important for me to be in deeper contact with my roots in order to make music that I compose more authentic, and playing the piano within the duo "Tashana" gives me just that through exploring the harmony and different rhythms of our traditional music. The essential emotion of our folk songs is simple, sincere and true, and that is why it has such a direct and healing effect on people, "Ana Krstajić pointed out.

“Behind the songs I sing are the temperament of the people and the spirit of the time in which they were created. The search for the essential values of the epoch and what is left of it and how the epoch has transformed inspires me and always gives new ideas in interpretation. Each song has its own secret, the key to which I tirelessly search. That process has become a part of my daily life. I try to spread awareness of the importance of cultural heritage because understanding and connecting with tradition raises the level of culture in general and gives a sense of belonging and security. It is important to convey that to young people in the right way, and I think that "Tashana" is exactly the "right way", said Jana Rančić before the performance.


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