Srbian Pavilion


16th December 2021   |   12:00 p.m. (duration 4 hours)

Rethinking education: Design Thinking workshop

The workshop is open for adults and children aged 10 years and older.

In this 2-hour interactive, collaborative, intergenerational workshop we will introduce you to the basics of the Design for Changeeducational methodology through a “design sprint”. We will ponder the notion of meaningful education and design solutions for schools that teach happiness.

Design for Change is a simplified Design Thinking methodology that gives children the skills to take action and create positivechange. It is also a global movement, present in 60 countries, that works with schools and educators to empower children to say "I CAN".

What you will get from this workshop:

  • Discover the four simple steps of the Design for Change methodology: Feel, Imagine, Do and Share, that can transform everyclassroom into a student-centered creative hub.

  • Learn how to use simple design thinking tools to create a cooperative and participatory environment

  • Discover your creative superpowers, have fun and get inspired working in an intergenerational group

  • Enhance your critical thinking and growth mindset

  • Reflect on your own definition of well-being while reaching a consensus with the rest of your team on what is meaningful teachingin the 21st century.

Children will have the opportunity to work in a respectful environment together with adults and express their wishes for an educationthat is tailored to their needs.

Teachers, school directors and educators will discover tools for engaging and motivating students in the classroom, inspiringcreativity and improving teamwork.

People from the field of education, business or public sector who believe that education is a lot more than factual learning will benefitfrom the inspiring nature of the workshop.


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