Serbian Pavilion


15th February 2022   |   6:00 p.m.

Petar Marić

Maestro Petar Marić – eight-time world champion in classical, virtuoso and electronic accordion and creative ambassador of the national platform Serbia Creates, will perform memorable concerts at Expo 2020 Dubai, for the occasion of the Serbian National Day.

Petar also plays a large number of virtuoso-compositions from the variété genre consisting of music from different countries and of different styles, enabling this world-class young artist to show the audience all the attraction and possibilities of the accordion as an instrument.

Apart from classical and variété music, the young artist's wide repertoire offers something new and original- electronic accordion and electronic sound presenting the instrument from a new perspective, which will be even more present in the future.

At only 31 years of age, Petar is conquering the word with his extraordinary mastery of the accordion. He is the winner of the largest international competitions and a Cultural ambassador of the Republic of Serbia.


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