Serbian Pavilion


2nd December 2021   |   7:15 p.m.

Musical brilliance and lived inspiration

There is no other quite like him-a double bass player, a composer, an arranger and a complete rhythm section refined and rolled into one person: Nenad Vasilić has long been at the forefront of European jazz and is highly acclaimed throughout the continent.

With nearly 40 original compositions on seven albums, Vasilić uniquely fuses jazz, improvisation and world music, making it his own.

His pieces, simultaneously innovative and respectful of the musical traditions that made him what he is today, exude a lightness and virtuous understanding of the complexity of the Balkan rhythms and melodies.

Inspired by the meticulous research of the Balkan folk music and blending it with European improvised music and jazz, this great educator, musician and composer with 33 Original Compositions only confirms the value of his commitment. Nenad not only helps preserve, create and establish a dialogue about cultural identity, but through his work he does honour both to the country where he resides and to his homeland.

When he describes his music, Vasilić avoids the term "Balkan jazz", allowing snippets of jazz, folklore, classical music, heavy metal rock or world music in it and calls it simply - my music.


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