Serbian Pavilion


15th February 2022   |   8:10 p.m.

Ensamble “Kolo” - tradition from each corner of Serbia

Serbian National folk song and dance Ensemble KOLO is the sum of all parts of Serbia. Of its proud history, its diverse heritage, its culture and tradition. KOLO is a keeper of centuries of art, customs, beliefs and myths of our relatively small and culturally rich country.

We perform dances and songs that originate from each corner of Serbia, and each part, like every act we put on stage, is representation of a unique way of life, culture and heritage. When put together, all these different traditions create a unique and special culture - they create Serbia and every time KOLO performs, no matter where, we bring our country and our heritage with us, and share it with the world. We are KOLO, and we are so happy to dance and sing in front of you.


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