Dubai Milllenium Amphitheatre


30th October 2021   |   8 p.m.


Ballet choreographed by Igor Pastor

The play was conceived within the project "Young Choreographers" of the National Theater in Belgrade with the aim of providing a chance and opening a new space for young, creative ballet artists.

Ballet soloist Igor Pastor found inspiration for his choreographic debut during the isolation imposed by the corona virus pandemic.

His starting point in working on this play was the fact that man, in the present modern and fast-paced world imposed on us, often neglects true values due to his ambitions and unconsciously loses his pure side and enters the darkness of human sin.

"On that path, he can reach the light of liberation from sin or be forever trapped in its darkness. In isolation, I realized how much the high speed of life and our ambitions influence us to forget what true values are: health, being a good person, respect, family, love, friendship ... That is where my inspiration for this work comes from ", says Pastor, longtime ballet soloist with the National Theater in Belgrade.


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